The Misanthropist’s Secret Love Life

The Misanthropist’s Secret Love Life – Who doesn’t secretly love themselves more than anyone else? Who doesn’t secretly despise the weaknesses of others? Who, in the privacy and quietude of conscience, doesn’t cheerfully consign the human race to hell? For if ‘hell’, as Sartre averred, ‘is other people’, why should we want to accompany them there?

Indeed, in this context Nietzsche declared ‘every superior human being instinctively aspires after a secret citadel where he is set free from the crowd, the many, the majority…’

– But what happens when he finds that secret citadel? What if he tires of his own company, of the rigours of solitude, of the relentless diet of loneliness? Might he not hear voices from the past that speak with a seductive softness? Might he not even begin to recall certain faces with a fondness, look with alarming sympathy upon the endearing vices of those he once despised?

Who or what does one love when one falls out of love with life?

The Misanthropist’s Secret Love Life answers these questions in a document of faith that few will feel able or willing to adopt as their own, and yet its tenets will seduce the few who wish to venture outside the restricted compound of common beliefs about human psychology and relationships…


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